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Three reasons to join or renew your membership:

  • Old trucks and trucks of any kind....are FUN....with friends and family
  • Help support keeping trucks and trucking alive in Central Florida and across the USA
  • Get the national magazine and club newsletters

There are two things you need to do to join or renew.  This is important.

First, join or renew Antique Truck Club of Florida, our local ATCA chapter.     When you join or renew, you will be asked to pick newsletter via email ($20 membership) or newsletter by mail ($30 membership).  We welcome both, but choose by email - we'd prefer it.

Second, come back to this page and join or renew your Antique Truck Club of America (ATCA) membership.   We belong to the national ATCA. We're required to join this to not only get the magazine, but to have member registrations at the national show, cover our insurance for our show, and support national advertising. 

Here we go !

Click here to join or renew the Local Chapter:
(existing members don't need to renew until May each year)
Everyone - - Click here to join/renew National ATCA:  

Directory available only to members. Please join !

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